28th January 2018

Hey guys! Today’s article is going to be on how to plan and organise your day like a Girlboss. This article is very important to me as it made me realise that I'm not doing what I'm supposed to be doing and every day that passes by I do absolutely nothing productive or helpful.


On days that you must leave your house early or not be there for a long time, for example school or work, its quite hard to pack things the night before and prepare what you need to bring. So, make sure your bag is packed, you’ve laid out your outfit and you have a plan of what you are doing the next day, so you are aware of what needs to be done.

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This one is important, if you don’t sleep at least 7 hours then you feel tired and groggy the rest of the day so sleep earlier and make sure you get minimum of 7 hours of sleep.

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This one has saved me so many times. I tend to procrastinate quite a lot and end up doing my work early in the morning before school however I also hated waking up early to do it. So I wake up an 2 hours before I leave my house so I can do the things I need to slowly and take my time to feel motivated.

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Make sure you have a to do list of some sort, so you can tick of the things you have done and see what else you have left, so you don’t miss out any steps or things.

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This one is key, if you don’t start your day right then you’re going to feel terrible the whole day. So, make sure to have a healthy breakfast that will fill you up for the next 3 hours or so.

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I love myself a good warm shower in the morning to feel awake and refreshed for the day, some days I will wash my hair but most of the times I don’t as my hair takes forever to air dry and I don’t want to use a hairdryer.

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Self-explanatory but listen to your favourite dongs and plan on what you need to do next as it will make you more happy and energised.

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This one allows you to take your time to get feel awake and enjoy nature, and let you review your schedule and see if you have forgotten anything.

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That’s it for my article, I hope it helped and If you want to ask more questions or want to talk feel free to message me.

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