Hey, here are a few more song suggestions! Hope you find some new songs that you like just as much as I do!

1. Getting Over You - Jackie Lee

"But if you think getting over me was hard try getting over you"

2. Mean What You Say - Eric Bellinger

"When I say when it come to me you enough for me, you the one for me tryna trust again, it's kinda tough for me just know I mean it"

3. Afraid With You - Christon Gray

"I'm not afraid to watch you go and I'm not afraid to watch you leave"

"I'm giving up on all my pride so I can give you all of me"

4. Playing For You - Joe Hertz & Bassette

"Emptiness weighing me down, let me take a break to figure me out"

"And if you wanna change me ain't nobody changing for you"

5. Stay Together - Noah Cyrus

"Nothing lasts forever
But wouldn't it be nice to stay together for the night?"

6. Funeral - Zara Larsson

"Burn all the letters, all of my secrets, things only you know bury my heart six feet under, throw us a funeral"

7. Morning - Marc E. Bassy

"With no makeup on and your eyelash hanging I would still love you, if you came home late and you kept me waiting I would still trust you"

8. I Needed You - Blackbear

"You know this was never really about us and everything was always bout you, you never knew a thing about trust and I knew everything about you"


"Ain't never felt this way can't get enough so stay with me"

10. Angel On Fire - Halsey

"Cause nobody seems to ask about me anymore and nobody seems to care bout anything I think"

11. EX - James TW (just please listen to this song, the lyrics are amazing!)

"If I dance with somebody I might want somebody else and if I want somebody I might fall in love and forget what it was to be wrapped in your arms so tightly to be your man so tonight I'll be dancing alone cause I'm afraid if I forget then you'll just become an ex"


12. Atmosphere - Bebe Rexha

"When you told me that you love me, were you bluffin was it nothing? Now you're so dry you can tell me that you're sorry but I know that you don't mean it"

13. Gone - No Wyld

"I didn't miss you until you went away"

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