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#1 Talent
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#2 Love for A.R.M.Y

#3 Music

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Their music is for someone the inspiration
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#4 The development of the group

#5 Members

Kim Seokjin

- him jokes

- mother bts

- laughter

- awake

- loves food (very)

- handsome x1

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Min Yoongi

- grandpa (xD)

- agust d

- bad boy

- first love

- sugar

- handsome x2

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Jung Hoseok

- sun

- his smile killed me

- mama

- handsome x3

- i'm waiting for the mixtape (no, seriously waiting)

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Kim Namjoom

- leader

- dad bts

- i think he was born in USA (you understand, right?)

- handsome x4

- he's the hulk. breaks things on once and again

- reflection

- jimin, you got no jams

- dimples when he smiles

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Park Jimin

- smile

- amazing dancer

- excuseeee meeee

- lie

- small like a dwarf

- hot x1

- handsome x5

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Kim Taehyung

- v

- gucci

- hot x2

- stigma

- handsome x6

- hwarang

- wear the glasses every fucking day

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Jeon Jungkook

- golden maknae

- charm

- begin

- handsome x7

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#6 Dance

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#7 Friendship

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