Hello WHI ! I am back with an other article, and today I chose a playlist, because who does not like music ? I am a huge fan of chill vibe hits and I thought I'd share them with you :)
I wanted to make it as eclectic as possible, but there is a definite majority of dance / techno / Chill-house

#1 : CLOSER-Lemaitre

This song is a gem to me, I rediscovered it a few months ago, I've been listening to it on repeat since then ! Love the rhythmic and the positive vibe


I could literally not live without this song, it is definitely among my top 10 songs ever ! It makes me feel so good whenever I listen to it.


If you want to just get in a happy and peaceful mode this song is perfect

#4 : LAST ORDERS - Nothing but thieves

For those of you who have watched the 100 you might recognize it :). I have been in love with it since the moment I heard the first notes. It just feel at ease when I hear it

#5 : WINDOW SEATS - Thomston

This song is in the same kind of vibe as Shadow dances, and I love it sooo much ! If this is kind of music is your jam, tell me I have a thousand more songs to recommend in the same vein.

#6 : DO YOU REMEMBER - Jarryd James

This here is my power but still chilling song (if you don't see what I mean listen to it). Whenever I feel a bit down, I will listen to it and instantly feel better : just confident about myself and my world.

#7 : HOLDIN ON - Flume

What can I say, Flume is the best ! There isn't much song he did I do not love.

# 8 : WITHOUT YOU - Oh Wonder

I discovered Oh wonder last week and I am really happy to be able to share it with you ! I really like what they do and
I think they deserve more recognition

# 9 : HEY GIRL - Lady Gaga and Florence Welsh

I may go a bit far, but this is to me the best Lady Gaga song ever ! I could listen to it on repeat forever.

#10 : SPEECHLESS - Glades

A piece of art, I don't have more words !

#11 : FALLIN' - Alicia Keys

There was no way I could do a playlist without adding my queen Alicia Keys (Too much love for her haha). Fallin' is one of my faves.

#12 : JEALOUS - Labrinth

This my poetic and kinda nostalgic chill vibe song (lots of adjectives just for one song ... sorry!). Labrinth has a vibe that makes me think of John Legend, and I think he is truly good.

#13 : PAPER HEARTS - Tori Kelly

Could not not put her in here, she is the most glorious and cutest person on this planet ! Always makes me super happy to listen to her songs.

#14 : LOCATION - Khalid

Super happy to share this with you, although since his song "young, dumb and broke" he is getting a little famous. Location is really beautiful, and I appreciate the sonority of it it's very calm and almost soothing.

#15 : COME AND GET YOUR LOVE - Redbone :

Thank "the guardians of the galaxy" for this discovery ! It makes me unbelievably happy, I can't help it and I hope it can have the same effect on you !

So this is a quite unconventional song : it is french, there is no singing it is a speech from a french politician ... But I think it makes something very nice to listen to !