I saw this Tag and found it quite nice to do ! :)

1. If you were a shoe :

converse, fashion, and shoes image
Converse ! Mainly black converse, best shoes ever !

2. If you were a moment :

light, airplane, and travel image
When you get off the plane in a new country

3. If you were a place :

paris, polaroid, and photography image
Paris, mon amour !

4. If you were a feeling :

love, quote, and the beatles image
All you need is : love

5. If you were a song :

lana del rey, lust for life, and vintage image
"Lust for life" by Lana Del Rey and The Weeknd

6. If you were a book

book, coffee, and vintage image
Alice in Wonderland

7. If you were a season :

fall, autumn, and leaves image
automne, whiteout hesitation

8. If you were a view

city, light, and travel image
The view you get from a plane

9. If you were famous :

Image removed
A writer

10. If you were a weather :

winter, snow, and christmas image

11. If you were an accessory :

girl, city, and new york image
A hat

12. If you were a clothing :

Inspiring Image on We Heart It
A ripped jean

13. If you were a drink :

book, tea, and vintage image

14. If you were a color :

pink, balloons, and photography image
Black and/or pink

15. If you were a moment of the day :

girl, nature, and sunset image

16. If you were a quote :

david bowie image
"I don't know where I'm going from it, but I promise it won't reboring" -Bowie

17. If you were an element :

sun, summer, and indie image

18. If you were an activity :

girl, city, and new york image

19. If you were an emotion :

quotes, happiness, and thoughts image
Maybe happiness, because for me it is the most important one

20. If you were an object :

write, pen, and writing image
A pen

21. If you were an animal :

horse image
A horse

22. If you were a body part :

quotes, eyes, and words image

23. If you were a Date night :

paris, travel, and france image
Get lost in the streets of Paris

24. If you were a TV Series :

Bonnie, caroline, and damon image
I grew up with this show

25. If you were a fictional character :

disney, alice, and alice in wonderland image

26. If you were a dessert

cupcake, food, and dessert image

27. If you were a flower :

roses, white, and wonderful image
A white rose

28. If you were a scent :

autumn, fall, and food image
Apple, cinnamon, somethings that reminds fall

29. If you were a superhero :

woman, adorable, and aesthetic image
Wonder woman

30. If you were a school subject :

books, bookstore, and last image