I never used to feel like I’m beautiful or worthy of anyone’s attention until I realized that beauty comes with confidence, confidence comes with self love and self love comes with me being me.

Here is a guide on how to be beautiful:

🌼 Choose to be happy🌼

When you are happy, you are positive and positivity will have you feeling good. Don’t let everything get you. Just brush it off and smile.

🌼 Be proud of your body🌼

It’s easy to forget that your body is beautiful and it’s something to be proud of. STOP COMPARING YOUR BODY WITH EVERYONE ELSES BODY! Focus on yourself and that’s all you need to realize your beauty.

🌼 Just do you 🌼

Do what you want to do, what you love doing and everything that you’ve always wanted to try. The only person that is stoping you is you. Do your hair and make up, dress like the whole world is watching and before you know it, you will feel your beauty and so will everyone else around you.

I hope you enjoyed reading my article. Follow for more. Comment for any requests and stay beautiful🍀