Hello WHI ! Today I'm showing my winter school night routine. I think my night routine is quite similar as others but I hope you'll enjoy ;)

1. Home sweet home

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I'm back from college around 6/7 P.M and the first things I do, is taking off my hat, my coat, ma shoes AND my lipstick (don't forget to moisturize your lips). I then tie my hair and it depends how I am dress but I do sometime put on more comfy clothes.

2. Let myself having a break :

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Because I had a long day, I like when I'm home, take time for me. I make myself some tea and eat biscuits with fruits (generally I eat apples or pears). And I spend some time on computer.

3. Study

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Because I'm a student I always have a lot of work to do. Honestly it depends but when I have a lot to do for tomorrow I take time to work and revise my lessons...

4. Work out

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I try to do my sport everyday, it helps me to breath and to think about others thinks than university, my courses... It takes me between 20 and 30 minutes, it depends if I'm tired or if I have time.

5. Shower and skin care

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After my sport I take my make up off, go in the shower and do my skin care routine. And before I put on my pyjama I moisturize my skin.

6. Diner !

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I, most of the time like to eat my dinner in front of a T.V show or videos. Most of the time, I cook vegetables or prepare a soupe (no meat, no fish, I'm vegetarian) I don't spend a lot of time for cooking diner, I like when it's quick because I'm lazy.

7. Bed time !

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After diner, I brush my teeth and make myself a tea, I can't go to bed without a cup of tea. I also take time to read a book (now I'am reading 1984) while I drinking my tea and then I go to bed, best part of the day, am I right ?

That's it for my winter school night routine ! Tell me if you'd like other routines articles :)

PS : sorry for the mistakes, I'm french