I was feeling kinda sad about everything lately. I was feeling like nobody can love me, like i was useless. But i just think about it and i decided to change that feelings. 'Cause they are not true and i don't wanna feel blue anymore.

So i started writing my own book with my own fiction and it makes me feel better. Also i started to drawing again, learning guitar and singing songs. I finally felt like myself.

And i also decided to write something on WeHeartIt. I wanted to write about things that i like, and i like art and songs and stuff. And in this article, i am beginning my "30 Day Song Challenge" I don't create that challenge, i found it on internet but i like that idea.

*A song you like with a color in the title.

My favorite song with a color in the title is Amy Winehouse - Back To Black. It seems like it's a sad song but it means something special to me. It reminds me of freedom and FINALLY going back to what i know. Going back to my life (even if it's black, it doesn't matter.)