Hiya guys! Another day, another Article. This one though, is about my current favourite songs. I thought that it seemed fitting due to the fact that January's nearly over and what better way to end it then an updated music playlist?

Without further a due, here is my updated playlist!

1. Groupie - Jaiden
It's a good song. It's more on the rap kinda side, but it's great. I love him, he's my favourite artist right now.

2. Complicated - Olivia O'brien
It's kinda old, but I love it. It's so good, and it's such a good song to play in the car because it's so catchy and instantly gets my blood pumping.

3. California - Anthony Russo
It's such a good song! I've said this about all of my songs, but it's so catchy and makes me instantly happy. His voice is soothing in a way, and It just calms me but hypes me up at the same time.

4. IDK love - Jeremy Zucker
It's on the emotional side, but sometimes sad songs are what you need and that's completely fine. I have dark patches, and this song gets me through them. We have emotions for a reason, and they deserve to be heard, and music has a certain way of helping us deal with our pain.

5. I want you - Call me Karizma
It's an emotional song yet again, but I'm not saying anymore. It's great, It's like a breakup song and it's just... wow. Listen to it when you have the time, thank me later!

Thank you for reading the article, I hope you liked it and that It broaden's your music taste, and that you enjoy the songs that I chose to include.

Until next time,
Bye babes xoxox