You gave me your word that you weren't like the rest of them
But see I was Desperately in love by your words
that I didn't mind you being with other girls but then I realized that you were just using me to find
And excuse to make your other girlfriend jealous.
For you to show her that you didn't need her
See I didn't mind because you told me that you Loved Me
But soon I realized that I didn't want to be part of your excuse so I decided to Leave.
But every day I remember the moments when we were Happy and it makes me feel Sick that you make me feel this way.
But I will always remember the way we use to talk
I will always love you but I need someone who's going to give me the same love as I give.
I'm going to heal my pain and wait for the right person to come to my life.
You made my confidence grow stronger and I thank you for that