Remember the time we saw Ranveer Singh in the first poster of Padmaavat and he resembled Thorin Oakenshield from The Hobbit and has a nasty scar under his left eye to signal menace?

In the second poster, he took the internet by storm with the kohl-eyed Khilji that gazes upon himself in a mirror, his tresses barely contained by his gaudy golden crown. Aaaand! That elated us to rush to the theatre the moment the film goes on floor.

He chumbles the meat off the bone, bares his hairy chest, has long unruly locks and laughs like a hyena. Yes! We are talking about the bone-chilling character Alaudin Khiliji portrayed by Ranveer Singh in Sanjay Leela Bhansali`s Padmaavat.

As we all know, history doesn’t quite describe Alauddin Khilji like this, but that is the image Sanjay Leela Bhansali created to portray of the Khilji dynasty king in his film Padmaavat. The king is depicted almost quite barbarically in the film, which released on Thursday after months of strife in court, on the streets, and at the Censor Board.

Bhansali’s Khilji, played by Ranveer Singh, has kohl-rimmed hungry eyes, a scarred face, a gym-toned body, wear furs when he is not bare-chested and rips meat off the bone with his teeth.

The film Padmaavat, according to Sanjay Leela Bhansali, is based on the 16th century-epic poem Padmavati penned down by Sufi poet Malik Muhammad Jayasi almost two centuries after Khilji’s death. He adapted the concept from the poet Amir Khusro, who flourished during the Khilji rule, and wrote about the king’s conquests as well as his reign in the 13th century.

Well! You must be wondering about the actual story of Allaudin Khiliji? Then read on.....!

The Brahman Raghav Chetan after being banished from the kingdom by Ratansen for being smitten by the beauty of Padmavati and secretly watching the private moments of the king and the queen seeks revenge from them. Summoned to the sultan`s court, he describes the incomparable beauty of Padmavati, a Padmini woman. Such a woman is supreme amongst the four categories of women, and found only in Singhal. Alauddin lays siege to Chitaur and just to get a glimpse of that most beautiful woman he suggests fresh terms to end the stalemate. Alauddin catches a glimpse of Padmavati by subterfuge. After so many failed trials when Alauddin finally arrives, the Chitaur forces go out for their last battle, as their women commit jauhar. Alauddin acquires an empty fortress.

The sexual tension in Padmaavat is competely left to Ranveer Singh. And boy, he does justice to it!

As the mad king, Singh is unspeakably brilliant. Ranveer is every director`s dream. He submitted himself as the clay and Bhansali moulded him as Alauddin Khilji who will be remembered for years. Ranveer is the reason why Padmaavat is more than just a visually-grand spectacle. His fire is perfectly in sync with that of Alauddin Khilji. On the surface, Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Alauddin Khilji, the ruler of the Delhi Sultanate, is an out-and-out psychopath; a manic-obsessive ruler fond of “naayab” possessions. The film paints him as a one-note barbaric ruler who wages a deadly and almost costly war blinded by his lust for a woman he has never seen, forgetting to acknowledge his lofty expansionist desires as probable cause. The film might as well have been called “Khilji” because Ranveer inhabits an evil that has the power to leave the valor of the Rajputs inadequate.This is most evident in a vulnerable scene where he prods Malik Gafur into asking him "Humare haath main mohabbat ke lakeerein hai ki nahin?". In that brief scene, Ranveer does the unthinkable; evoke uninhibited empathy for a Muslim ruler who stands outside his camp all night with eyes fixated at the door of the fort to be the first one to see Rani Padmavati.


We think! Ranveer is the sole reason why the problems in Padmaavat appear both glaring and inconspicuous!

You take Khilji home with you; out of the theatre, in your mind and heart. Everything else is inside the jauhar ki jwala!

Well! Ranveer Singh is the kind of dude who would look at an unscalable mountain, make sure someone is around to watch, and then tell the mountain, “I’m Ranveer Singh, bitch,” and start climbing toward its peak with his bare hands and no harness! (sigh!)