I´m running. Running against you, because i have to let you go
I run and i run with no direction, trough a dark hall
Suddenly, my body changes, begins to disarm
I watch, frightened, how parts of me turn into watercolor brush strokes, and leave my body,
How my atoms, some filled with music, others with memories, run against me, and start running to you.
Everything goes . Leaving my thoughts about what is right and what is wrong in the dark hall
My atoms fly through a song, a happy one, they fly, shiny and sparkly. They are filled with colors like red, pink and green.
Some of them sing the song, others dance it, just a few are crying.
As they get closer to you, my atoms become more and more beautiful, their glow could light the whole city up!
Suddenly, all those tiny parts of me merge into one precious criature
This criature, still flying, opens it's eyes and, inmideatly, begins to fall from the sky
She doesn't scream, she doesn't say a word.
Very close from de ground, the girl opens her arms, and starts falling very slowly.
Her atoms look at your atoms. Your atoms look at her atoms.
and both of their atoms fall in love with eachother's,as if they would have never been in love before.