I was born
In a suburb of Chicago
A small town
A pop up map
With 2D houses
2D people
Made of cotton and sewn together
With their happy little lives
And lots of money

I don't remember anything
From that small two dimensional town
But when I visit
I can see how the streets curve with grace
And all is paved with stone
The happiness is mutual
And the sadness must lie within

This is my story
I am guessing yours is different
No matter where you are from
You will learn
That being born
Being welcomed into this world
As a brand new life
You will be given a few extras
Goody bags
Filled with surprises
Some are good
And some are bad

Here is one many receive
If you have already
You may understand

From the moment
You are diagnosed with anxiety
It is as if your fairy godmother
Has reached inside her bottomless purse
And presents you an extra gift
To add to your book of spells
You call life

This is why I don't believe in fairytales
You probably can tell
But this addition we call anxiety
It is also known as a "Do it yourself"

It comes with a welcome card:

Welcome to the club!
You will never be able to breathe normally,
ever again.
And just a little heads up, each time you decide
To make plans
Raise your hand in class
Talk to someone you don't really know
It will be the same as climbing a rock wall
But plot twist- there are no places
To put your hands
Or your feet
So you will have to wing it
Hope you don't fall
Hope you don't fail.

Also, we we have decided to give you a few welcome gifts:
Number one, here is a rewind button
We will insert it into your mind
So that you can replay every single thing that happened today
Just to figure out
What did I do wrong
What did I do wrong
What did I do wrong?

Number two, here is a zoom button
We insert this into your mind as well
So you can make every single thing that happens
Every tiny detail
A big fucking deal.
The purpose, I guess
Is to make you look like an idiot
With the mindset of a child
Who throws tantrums because
You don't want to go to that school club meeting alone
You don't want to go to that concert with those two friends
Who don't know each other
You don't want to talk to that one teacher
Because they don't. ever. smile.

Number three, last, but definitely not least.
Here is a cancel button
So you can cancel your plans
You can cancel your friends
You can cancel all hopes of speaking up
You can cancel all those opportunities lying around
Waiting to happen
Because you're too fucking scared to even try.
You can cancel those good days
You can cancel the carefree moments
And those moments of happiness
When nothing in the world matters
But what is going on right now.
There is no pause button
There is no play button.
There is only rewind.
And zoom.
And cancel.

So, with this modified set of gadgets
And information,
I hope you don't fall
I hope you don't fail
It's not the end of the world
That you have this spell cast on you
Just know it gets better
Once they stuff you with pills
Let's call it a day they say
Who's they?
It could be your mom
It could be your doctor
It could be the whole world

Anyway, all I really wanted to say was
If you have anxiety,
Good luck.