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Below you´ll find another list of old disney movies, which mark my childhood and, if you were born in the 90s or the early 2000, I bet these films will take you back to the good old disney days.

Freaky Friday

Another hillarious Lindsay Lohan movie, this film never gets old and I laugh so hard every time I watch it!

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Favourite scene: I´ll pick three of them because choosing only one part is literally impossible. The first one is when the grandpa starts screaming "EARTHQUAKE, EARTHQUAKE!", I laugh to myself only by thinking about that scene; other of my favourites, is when Anna on the body of her mom, has to be interviewed on national TV and she doesn't even know what her mom´s book is about; and finally, when her mom (in Anna´s body) has to play the guitar and starts dancing awkwardly. Awesome.

Peter Pan

Jeremy Sumpter as Peter Pan was the first crush of my life. In my opinion this movie is the best Peter Pan movie and the story is the most beautiful, poethical Classic of them all.

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Favourite scene: The kiss or should I say thimble? That scene is so aesthetic, and magical, I absolutely love it. You are waiting every minute of the movie for that beautiful kiss to happen, and it happens in perfect timing, when Peter is weak and hurt, and he can´t fly, that´s when Wendy gives Peter the sweetest kiss, then he starts glowing of happiness and beats Captain Hook and saves the lost boys and everyone is happy. That is such a perfect part.

Cow Belles

Excellent family movie. I loved how the characters change their attitudes throughout the movie, they were two rich, spoiled sisters who then discover, by working on their dad´s dairy factory, that life and happiness isn´t about spending money in clothes, shoes and parties or having fake friends to be cooler or more popular.

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Favourite scene: When the sisters start working on the factory and they have absolutely no idea of how the machines work, so they make a mess and end up in the floor with all their clothes dirty.

Herbie: Fully Loaded
This movie shows determination and passion, The character of Maggie is savage, determined, she gives a damn about what people may think, because she does everything in order to achieve her dreams. A clear example of girl power.

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Favourite scene: When Maggie and Herbie, the old Volkswagen bug, win the race against the arrogant Trip Murphy, and his late-model Ferrari or whatever that luxurious car brand is. That moment is Epic and Trip´s unbelievable face is worth watching.


I´ve always wanted to visit the mysterious castle of Coventry, but at that time I was really afraid of how the movie portrays the Darkness, I think it´s the scariest Disney "villan". That black and red smoke was horrible.

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Favourite scene: When the twins discover they are twins and that they have powers and magic, and they finally understand why all this time they´ve been drawing and writting about Coventry and the Darkness.

Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen

I think this is a movie only a teenager can deeply understand, and when you fit Lola´s shoes, you realize what a great movie this is.

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Favourite scene: Megan Fox´s face when Stu Wolf arrives to her party, and she can´t believe that Stu is there to see Lola and give her back her necklace. Epic.

The Princess Diaries

I love every single minute of this movie, it is a dream come true, Mia is the luckiest girl in the entire world, in the blink of an eye she is descendant of the crown of Genovia, and she has the coolest grandma.

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Favourite 2 scenes: First of all, Mia´s transformation. That is the transformation every human wants. The exact part when the photos are pulled aside and the "new" Mia appears and Paolo says "Only Paolo can take this and this and give you... a princess", that part is so satisfying. My other favourite scene is when Mia smothers ice cream on Lana´s cheerleader outfit, and Lana is like "You are a freak", then Mia says "yeah I am, but someday I might grow out of that, but you´ll never stop being a jerk", a Turn down for what moment, definately; then everyone starts shouting "LANA GOT CONED!" which is amazing.

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