There are 2 things that you can get out of this article... you may find happiness or you may regret EVER reading this article and wasting your time. Here are 7 SUPER facts that will help you become happy-ER! (why 7? Because 7 is the super number there are 7 continents, 7 seas, 7 days of the week get it 7 is the super number!)

You know only 8% of people keep their new years resolution goal!

Speaking of goals my first step to becoming happier is GOALS!


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I'm not talking about goals like:
- I want to be healthier
- I want to be successful
- i'm going to be healthier
- I want to be happier!

Those are just FLASHLIGHT goals! Flashlight goals are goals that are broad and are harder to keep. Flashlights cover a whole area in light. BUT I want you to make laser goals. Lasers pinpoint one exact place, SO BE SPECIFIC with your goal.

Instead of I want to be healthier write I'm going to go to go on a run every Monday and Thursday morning to become healthier

This is setting yourself a way to achieve that goal and how your going to achieve that goal. Your goal can't be a list written in your notes, it has to be EVERYWHERE. Put it as a reminder, write it on a large piece of paper and stick it to your door. Heck even stick it to the toilet door so YOU can see it.

GOALS will make you feel happier as you work towards achieving them.


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Once you start appreciating everything around you the simplest things will make you happy! Just appreciating the fresh air outside, your parents, having education and internet will allow you to be grateful for everything.

You might be complaining about going to school everyday or having to wake up early or having slow wifi, when there is always someone in the world less fortunate than you.

Don't just appreciate materialistic things but your friends and family. Having them can bring you great joy.

Once you learn to appreciate everything you will allow yourself to be grateful for everything. If you got a really bad birthday gift or no gift you will learn to be grateful that you have your family there or how much thought they may have put in to getting you a gift.


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Have you heard that saying Karma's a b*tch. Well it can be but it can also be good. To be happy you must give people happiness. Bringing sorrow and sadness to someone else will give yourself that sadness and sorrow. (What comes around goes around.)

Making someone elses day will give you a feeling of happiness or proudness that you made someones day. That happiness will come back to you! You don't have to give a million dollars to everyone, or slave yourself to help others.

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Here are some simple things you can do to make someones day!
- Smile at them, whether it's a stranger or your neighbour or even a teacher! A smile can mean the world to someone. (This is the easiest one in my opinion, it's not awkward it's just a simple smile as you walk by.)
- Asking how they are or how their day was. It shows that you care or your there for them even if you don't know what's going on, it gives them a feeling of reassurance.
- Asking if they need help with anything Whether your at home or at a supermarket or at school you should can always ask someone if they need help, even if you don't work there you can always lend a helping hand.
-*Giving them a compliment* Commenting on how nice their shirt looks or their hair looks can really make someones day. Knowing that you made someones day is like everything.

If your looking for a more long term dedication you can try volunteer work. As your helping others without gaining anything. It can also distract your mind from having any negative thoughts.


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Music can make sure your day already starts of great! Whether you have a serious exam coming up, a nervous doctor's appointment or your in the worst mood ever music will help you out.

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Find your playslist Find songs that you can dance to when you brush your teeth or you can listen to on the way to work, school or any other location (I love that song.) Songs that YOU can rock out, you don't have to listen to upbeat songs if that's not your jam, listen to your jam "That song is my jam, my lady jam." Make a playlist for when your down or stressed and rock out to it.

IF you're unsure on how to find your 'jam' try listening to lots of different styles of music and maybe you'll find your jam or ask your friends for some of their favourite songs.

(I used the word jam way too many times in this article!)


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Whether you think you giggle/laugh like a 5 year old school girl or a pig it doesn't matter because a giggle/laugh sounds beautiful whether you are self conscious about it. If you hate your smile just smile to yourself in the mirror or while taking a selfie.

-reduces heart disease
-it's a natural pain killer
- gives you a good sleep
- decreases stress which equals HAPPINESS
- makes you look young?
(I googled them ^ so.... IDK if it's reliable or not, just roll with it.)


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YOU HAVE TO SHINE BRIGHT LIKE A DIAMOND! Basically let the life into your life SO YOU CAN SHINE IN THE LIGHT? (It sounded better in my head trust me.) LET go of all your toxic relationships, toxic thoughts just chuck em down the toilet?!

Find true friends, people that make you laugh and are there for you, ones who can listen to you talk about the useless things in life or ones that will tell you the harsh truth! Find those positive thoughts that were pushed aside by all your negative thoughts. SEE everything in a positive light, see the good in the bad. Be the light to someones darkness.

Write all your worries and negative thoughts on a piece of paper and then rip it, throw it away, fold it into a paper boat and let it swim away or a paper aeroplane and fly it off into the distance. LET all your worries and burdens be carried away into the wind or throw it in the trash because don't litter.


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The only thing that's stopping you from happiness is yourself, SO BE YOURSELF. Don't be who others want you to be, be yourself. If your a dork who sings into a hairbrush and dances around BE that person, if your a bookworm who makes excuses to stay in and read a book instead of going to the movies BE that bookworm. BE you, OWN yourself and BE happy with yourself. If your not happy or accepting of yourself how can you expect others to be.

If you have no idea how to love yourself here are some tips:
- Forgive yourself. Forgive yourself of the wrong doing you've done in life. The actions that you did that harmed others. FORGIVE yourself!
- Tell yourself that your good enough.Even if you look like a crazy person, LOOK at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself YOU ARE GOOD ENOUGH, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL, YOU ARE SMART and YOU CAN DO IT!
- Meditate Meditate to clear your mind and 'cleanse' your body of negativity and breathe in life.
- Accept who you are Accept that you are DIFFERENT, UNIQUE and SPECIAL. You are your own self, no one can be you!

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I hope that you are happier after reading this article. Remember HAPPINESS is a way of travel not a destination. You can't travel to happiness but the way you travel, happiness is a feeling.

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(This article is all my OPINIONS on how to be happy!)

x Lydia