Annyeonghaseyo hearters! Today I'm back with a new article that will not be for my catharsis. series, but maybe for the start of a new one? I honestly don't know. But anyway, this article is going to be for my bias, the one and only Min Yoongi, swaggiest, savagest genius of all time. So, without further ado, let the swag begin!

Warning: heartfelt content ahead

Min Yoongi has been my bias since I started getting into the fandom of BTS, mostly after the Bangtan Bomb GoGo Dance Practice. At that time, it was so hard for me to figure who was who, so I decided to pick one to learn more about.

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okay yeah, memeable moment, but also the moment I decided to learn more about him

I have no regrets what-so-ever. I started watching more YouTube videos about him, and that's when I decided: he's going to be my favorite. The more I came to know Yoongi, the more my love for him grew. The more he started to make a difference in my life. He infires (heh heh puns) me more and more everyday.

But why does this man inspire me, and many others so much?

His beginnings

Min Yoongi, as many ARMYs know, didn't grow up in a very rich family. In fact, it was quite the opposite, according to him. When he was young, he worked in the music industry, but barely made a cent at all. He'd have to choose to go to the nearby noodle shop but walk home for 2 hours or take the bus--and go home hungry. To add on, his parents didn't support his choice to pursue music. Time skip to now, 2018, and our genius is making history with his band BTS as a rapper. Him and BTS recently did a photoshoot with Vogue. He's performed in the famous Gymnastics Stadium and wears Gucci to award shows. Even in his auditions to BigHit, he was expecting to produce music, not rap it. And here he is.

His courage

Min Yoongi is no daredevil, but that type of courage can defeat social phobias and depression, which Yoongi went through. This part really, really inspires me, especially since I'm going through depression. To learn that it really does get better, and that you can really become successful in life, boosts my will to live everyday. Yoongi's struggles are especially highlighted in his song "The Last" from his mixtape. The amount of bravery it takes to keep on going like that is amazing, especially being an idol; with all the antis and hate it's very difficult to fight your sadness.

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His passion

Min Yoongi's passion for music is truly astonishing. He's kept it strong from a young age despite all the doubt and hate. You can see it in any performance; he puts his heart and soul into them. He can produce, compose, write, rap and sing songs. Yoongi's passion for music is strong.

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His (not-so) hidden love for Bangtan

I've seen many videos about this, and they all lead back to the fact that Yoongi loves his band members no matter what. He cares for them in his own way, though not recognized immediately. He gives them a water bottle without looking at them; if they're cold, Yoongi will give them his jacket. Even if Yoongi can savagely burn them, he truly loves them at heart.

I really could make another 5 articles this length with reasons why Min Yoongi inspires me. He truly is a hero to me. I hope you enjoyed this article, drop a heart if you did!