hey guys, my name is ellie and i’m doing the 100 question challenge today! enjoy ♡

1) Grab the book nearest to you, turn to page 18 and find line four.
"She had to be sixteen or seventeen like the rest of us, but she had the knack of appearing to be about twenty-one because she was so poised and polished.”
It’s a line from Darkmere by Helen Maslin. It’s probably one of my favourite books.
2) Do you take the shampoos and conditioners bottles from hotels?
I usually take the wrapped up soaps 😂
3) Who was the last person you texted?
My mum
4) Have you stolen a streetsign before?
5) Do you tan or burn?
Burn, sadly :(
6) Have you ever had to have surgery?
7) Are you a righty or lefty?
8) Do you have freckles?
9) Do you always smile for pictures?
Nope. My smile is gross.
10) What is the latest thing you downloaded onto your computer?
I don’t have a computer
11) What's your zodiac sign?
12) Have you ever peed in the woods?
Yes. Lol
13) Have you ever pooped in the woods?
14) What's your haircolour?
Light brown
15) Do you chew your pens and pencils?
Yes, my pens lol. Only when I’m bored in class.
16) How many people have you slept with this week?
None. 0.
17) What colour are your eyes?
18) Do you wear the hood on the hoodies?
Only if it’s raining
19) Is it ok for guys to wear pink?
Of course it is
20) What's the farthest away place you've been?
21) Are you allergic to anything?
Cats and pollen. Really sucks because I love cats :( Pollen is because of hay fever, I get it bad.
22) Do you wear glasses/contacts?
23) Where in the world would you like to travel?
The UK. I’m going there this year, but I have to wait until September :( I wanna go now
24) Do you like watching scary movies?
Sometimes :)
25) What were you doing at midnight last night?
On my phone listening to music because I couldn’t sleep
26) What movies could you watch over and over again and still love?
Clueless, Mean Girls, Bend it like Beckham, Angus thongs and perfect snogging
27) Last person you kissed/kissed you?
Literally no one.
28) Do you have any phobias?
Cockroaches and moths.
29) Would you ever strip or pose nude in a magazine?
30) What's under your bed?
31) Can you change the oil in a car?
32) Ever gotten a speeding ticket?
I'm not old enough to have a driving license, so no
33) Ever run out of gas?
34) Are you sarcastic?
Absolutely not ;)
35) Best thing to eat for breakfast?
Pancakes or scrambled eggs with bacon. Or a bacon and egg sandwich
36) What colour are your sheets?
Pink right now because I stained my white ones. Oops.
37) Are you lazy?
38) What was the name of your first pet?
Corky (cat)
39) What is your Chinese astrological sign?
Sheep/goat :)
40) How many languages can you speak?
Fluent in English. I can also speak Italian, Japanese and the tiniest bit of German and French.
41) What magazines do you read?
Mostly one called Dolly.
42) How are you feeling right now?
Hot and bothered. It’s 42 degrees Celsius right now. Yes, I live in Australia.
43) Are stubborn?
44) Can you whistle?
45) Have you ever read the Harry Potter series?
Nope. I tried to once, but I just didn’t like it. Not my kind of books I guess. I like the movies though :)
46) What's your favourite candle scent?
Just plain vanilla is super nice. Or something a little more funky
47) Do you sing in the car?
I sing everywhere
48) Do you sing in the shower?
49) Have your pants ever fallen down in public?
No thank god
50) Can you close your eyes and raise your eyebrows?
51) Do you make wishes at 11:11?
52) Do you think musicals are cheesy?
NO! I love musicals so much.
53) Dogs or cats?
Cats. But dogs are close behind
54) Can you touch your nose with your tongue?
No :(
55) Can you walk in heels?
Only just!
56) Occupations you wanted to be when you were a kid?
Singer, meteorologist (study of weather) I wanted to be like the weather girls on TV lol, and a paleontologist (study of dinosaurs)
57) Do you believe in ghosts?
58) Ever have a Deja-vu feeling?
Yes, all the time.
59) What inspires you?
Hard question. I really don’t know
60) Do you wear slippers?
Yes, only in winter though
61) Do you wear a bath robe?
No. Towel
62) What do you wear to bed?
Right now because it’s summer I usually just wear bras and underpants because it’s too hot for anything else
63) Have you ever eaten a crayon?
Probably at some point in my childhood lol
64) What's your favourite season?
Spring. Even though it gives me awful hay fever, it’s a pretty season. My birthday is in spring too (November)
65) What's your favourite holiday?
66) Do you turn the water off when you brush your teeth?
67) Peanuts or sunflower seeds?
68) What is the last thing you watched on TV?
High School Musical, lol
69) Ever taken dance lessons?
Yes, ballet when I was eight or something. It sucked.
70) Is there an profession you picture your future spouse doing?
I honestly don’t know haha
71) Can you curl your tongue?
No :(
72) Mac or PC?
Don’t mind either
73) Have you ever cried because you were happy?
Yes of course
74) Do you remember your dreams?
Usually I do, sometimes I don’t.
75) Do you wear perfume?
Yass. I love all my perfumes. Fave now is probably from Victoria’s Secret or my one direction one
76) Do you regularly burn incense?
77) Ever been in love?
78) Who would you like to see in a concert?
One Direction :( I’ve never seen them live before. Or Billie Eilish
79) If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live?
UK! London preferably, but honestly I would live anywhere in the UK
80) Hot tea or cold?
81) Tea or coffee?
Tea, but coffee is extremely close behind
82) If you became a multi-millionaire overnight, what would you buy?
Tickets to travel the world. And then give some money to charity. Leftovers I would use to buy a nice house somewhere in the world.
83) Can you swim well?
Yeah, I guess
84) Can you hold your breath without holding your nose?
85) Are you patient?
86) DJ or band at a wedding?
A band, it would be more sweet I reckon
87) Last time you swam in a pool?
Last week my family and I went to the world’s biggest inflatable water park which came to my city. There were heaps of pools and waterslides.
88) Have you ever had plastic surgery?
89) Which are better, black or green olives?
None. Olives are disgusting
90) Can you knit or crochet?
I used to be able to finger knit, but I can’t anymore
91) Best room for a fireplace?
Living room I guess
92) Do you want to get married?
Yeah :)
93) Are you listening to music right now?
Yes, I’m listening to watch by Billie Eilish
94) Is there anything you're disappointed about?
My math grades :(
95) What quote do you live by?
96) Do you have kids?
97) Do you want kids?
Yes :)
98) What is your favourite colour?
99) Do you miss anyone right now?
Yes :/
100) Do you have any pets?
Yes :) I have three cats. Even though I’m allergic, I don’t care because I love my fur babies ❤️ at my Mum’s house, I have two cats called Gordon (boy) and Simi (girl) They are siblings, and we found them when they were little stray kittens in the shed. Their mum gave birth to them in there :( They were so tiny. They also had another sister but we gave her to my cousin :) They are all two years old. At my dads I have a cat called Ferris (boy) and he is almost a year old. We adopted him from an organisation that save stray animals :)))