• these aren't title songs by these artists,but I love those as well! i just feel like these tracks are underrated that's all.

1. 신기하죠; Isn't It Amazing by Apink

2 Easy Go by Girl's Day

3. BLIND by 4Minute

4. Zero by Infinite

5. 'Zutter' by Big Bang (mainly T.O.P. and GDragon)

6. 나침반 Compass by Gfriend

7. 이분의 일 1/2 by Gfriend

8.Headphone 써 by TWICE

9. Three Times A Day by TWICE

10. Mad City by NCT 127

11. Whiplash by NCT 127

12. 진짜 Really by AOA

13. Moonlight, Moonlight by Elris

14. 천둥 Thunder by EXO

15. Loonatic by LOONA / ODD EYE CIRCLE

16. 너의 손짓 Touch It by EXO

17. Airplane by F(X)

18. Good Night & Good Morning by VIXX

19. Same Same by Momoland

20. 장화 신은 고양이 Cat's Eye by Astro

21. 작별하나 Shooting Star by Lovelyz

22. 5:14 (Last Page) by MONSTA X

23. Boy by EXID

24. Dream Night by Astro

25. New York by MAMAMOO

*hope that you enjoy these tracks as much as I do !