Out of breath, Dottie bent over, of course she hadn't won. Her worn out converse weren't a match for Jensen's board. Jensen was out of breath too; her hair was bigger and her eyes wider.

"The Banks?" Dottie asked with her hands intertwined and resting on top of her head as she breathed deeply.

Jensen nodded. She was knelt over, strapping her board to her backpack and then hiked it back over her shoulder. "Come one." She started down a path that was light by solar powered lamps, the blue light reflecting off the green grass.

"What's so special about the Banks?" Dottie questioned, her hands tucked into the pocket of her sweatshirt. "Everyone in this town has been here at least a hundred times before."

"Yeah, but not this place."

That was all she said.

The Banks was in the center of the town. A small mountain that shouldn't really be considered a mountain but in the small town they lived in everything seemed big. It was covered with a mix of oak and pine trees, a river curled around the edge of it and the side were steep and leveled out near the top for a good view of the town. It was almost a right of passage to climb the mountain. Something one would do in middle school.

The path was nearing the top when Jensen suddenly veered off to the left and stepped over the rows of lights and into the thick forest.

"Jensen, we're not supposed to go off the trail." Dottie stopped, Jensen stopped too.

"I thought you wanted to see the surprise."

"I mean yah I did but..."

"But what?" Jensen face was barely visible.

"I just-"

"Dottie." Jensen held her hand out which took Dottie by surprise. "Nothing bad is gonna happen. Trust me."

Dottie thought for a second. Doubt always clouded her mind and Jensen knew this. She had watched Dottie. She was a daydreamer that held herself back. Jensen wanted to change that.

"Come on Dot. Don't overthink."