Hello Again!

It's the season of New Year's Resolutions and right after the holidays...honestly after Halloween it's one big sugar fest and it's so hard to stay healthy!

So of course you say, "In the New Year, I'll eat healthy."

And then, halfway into January, you're doing fine, until...

...Girl Scout Cookies.

Don't get me wrong! I love Girl Scout cookies and am actually in Girl Scouts and I can eat an entire box of any type of Girl Scout cookies...I've done that twice this season...

Moving on! Today I'm just going to give you some health tips, not just food-wise, but other things as well. Onto the article!!


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You'll probably see this in all types of articles, and that's because it's a very simple thing that can help you in so many ways.
  • One of the many benefits of water is it helps with your skin. Try to drink at least a gallon a day! It seems like a difficult thing, but it's really not if you commit to it.
  • Drink lemon water in the mornings. Lemon water helps you lose weight more easily, it boosts you immune system, and reduces calorie intake, among other things.


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Honestly exercise is so important and will make you feel good through the whole day.
  • Each morning you should have an exercise routine, whether it's a five minute workout you found on Pinterest or a exercise video, you should do it daily or three times a week.
  • If you run, use an interval system. For example, run two minutes and walk one. This will increase you endurance.
  • Whatever you do, do it either daily or three times a week or something. Just stay in schedule.


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Eek! To be honest, eating healthy after the holidays is really hard for me.
  • Always have some healthy snack options on hand. This will keep you from finding an excuse to eat some junk food.
  • Find motivation. And what better place than WHI? Create a collection for healthy food pictures and articles. Here's some of my favorite articles for healthy foods:

That is all for today's article! I did not post yesterday because I didn't have time. Sorry!

Thanks for reading!!


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