Hi! This is my first article, in case you don't know. My name is Lexa and this article is gonna be 10 facts about me (just in case you can't read the title lol). Mkay lets get started.

I'm vegetarian

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I just think it's sad that we kill animals for food :(

I'm a youtuber

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My channels are Lexa Collins and LexaVlogs and I make beauty and fashion videos on my main channel (Lexa Collins) and, obvi, vlogs on my vlog channel (LexaVlogs)

I love to sing

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I mean, people say I can sing, but I've heard better so....

I'm a hip hop dancer

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I never said I was good at it :)

I love animals

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I know everybody loves animals, but they're the reason why I'm vegetarian and my whole life revolves around them

I'm a cheerleader

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Cheer is life <3

I'm a beauty guru

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You might have figured this out since already since my YouTube channel is about beauty and fashion, but I still thought I should include it :)

I love to travel

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I'm trying to go to every state :)

I have two siblings

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One sister and one brother

I'm studying Spanish

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Hola amiga, me llamo Lexa, y yo soy muy impaciente (haha). Also, there's literally no pictures that represent Spanish, so sorry for the horrible picture grid.

Thanks for reading! I'll be posting more articles, don't worry, and if you want to know where to find this article in the future, it's right down below!

Love you all!
-Lexa <3