Well, hello there again!

First of all, i wanna thank you for your hearts on my first article! i know that 100+ hearts might be not much for a lot of people, but it is for me, and i truly appreciate every single one of you. However, what really amazed me is that some of you actually took time and messaged me with some suggestions for future articles, and today im writing about one of them!

Today's article is all about my goals for this year and it was requested by @melissabeepath47!

I know i might be kinda late to post this but as it was requested i will! And also, although the new year comes with a feeling of a fresh start, we dont have to wait till january to set some goals and try to change our life for the better, we can do that any day of the year. So, if you havent set some goals yet, i really recommend you give it a try!

Now, onto what you are here for!

01. Be more grateful and more mindful.

02. Graduate from university!

Im a graphic design student at UBA and im so close to graduate! the only thing that could stop me from graduating is not being able to make the schedule work! I hope everything turns out!

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03.Take better care of myself.

As i mention in my last article, i have a really hard time balancing university and my personal/social life. So, in 2018, i want to try new ways of self care and prioritise my mental and physical health.

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04. Journaling.

I tried journaling so many times before and i did well for like a week and then i would just stop doing it. This year i started journaling on my planner, which makes it easier for me as i dont have that much space (that way im not overwhelmed by a blank page) and also, as i use my planner everyday, it helps me not to forget to write a little about my day, everyday. I've been finding it quite relaxing so far!

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05. Read more.

Before university i used to read so much, like it was crazy haha but with university, i dont really have much time to do it anymore. Thats why, my goal this year is to read at least a chapter a day.

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06. Better sleep.

As im so busy i usually only sleep 4-5 hours a day, which is not the best so i wanna change that!

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07. Drink more water.

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08. Clear skin.

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I bought a korean face mask the other day, i havent tried yet but im so excited about it! haha

09. Feel confident.

10. Become vegetarian.

I stopped eating meat a few years ago. However, i was doing something wrong cause i was anemic for a month, then i was back to normal, then went back to being anemic and so on. So, i wanna go and see a nutritionist so that i can be provided with a healthy diet plan with no meat but with all the things my body needs (if that makes sense haha).

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11. Lose weight.

Im 155cm and weight 53kg, i would like to weight around 45kg, so yeah, nothing really drastic here, just gotta make it happen lol

12. Dye my hair.

My natural hair is dark brown and the only thing ive done to it is having it ombre. I would like to keep it that way because i like it but go a little bit lighter overall.

13. Audition for SM Entertainment and JYP Entertainment.

14. Go to a concert!

Its been so long since i have been to one! so i hope some cool artist come to Argentina this year!

15. Finish decorating my room.

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I actually want that exact lamp! lol

16. Get a job.

17. Be more sociable.

Its hard for me to start a conversation with a stranger and even more when i feel like i dont need to make any new friends as im happy with the ones i already have! However, i wish that wouldnt stop me from meeting new people!

18. Accomplish all of my goals and stop lacking like past years.

Okay, i'll admit, i had only 17 goals so i added this one to make it 18, but i do mean it!! haha One thing i did this year for the first time was create a collection here on WHI with my vision board for this year. You're more than welcome to check mine out for some inspiration and also create your own! (if you do, let me know so i can follow it and we can keep each other motivated!)

Well.. Thats it! As you can see, i have a lot of work to do haha I was thinking that maybe i could do a "six month update" in june or july, and tell you how im doing in each area. Let me know if you are interested in that and i will totally do it for you!

That took a lot of typing lol Please let me know if long articles like this one arent that much fun to read, if you prefer shorter articles, etc!

As always, if you like it leave a heart and feel free to text me for whatever reason you may want to or to leave a suggestion for my future articles (and if i write about what you suggested i will give you a shoutout like i did in this article to Melissa!)

Thank you for taking your time to read this, love you
- Bel