Hi guys,
today I'm back with a new challenge called #FindYourHalf. I really liked the idea so I decided to write an article about it :)

Here we go!

🍥 My name is Elisa

🍥 I live in Italy

🍥 I love reading and writing

🍥 I'm attending a Scientific High School

🍥 My two favorite singers are Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift

🍥 I'm obsessed with Ed ahah

🍥 I'm a fangirl (tv shows, books, movies...)

🍥 My favorite subject (and language) is  English

🍥 I'm lazy but I also like doing funny things

🍥 I have a sister

🍥 I often have anxiety

🍥 I listen to a lot of music

🍥 Since I was a kid my dream was to become a famous writer

🍥 I have Snapchat, Instagram and Twitter

So, if you understood the type of person I am and you like me, you can write me a postcard and we can become friends!


in case you were interested ;)