Starting off 2018 with this article about love and crushes, Yes, it's my first article in this year!

SO, first things first, I'm currently NOT in love, because (I believe at least that's the reason) I'm so stressed with school and as we know love is complex and time taking. I do have a few crushes, however, as they are far less complicated.

I'll try to put the feeling into words of how I feel towards these crushes and what kinds of crushes they are (yes, there are more than one, you might notice I have a commitment problem). Hope, you enjoy!

1. The Celeb Crush

Image by M e r o n y
Cameron Dallas

What I feel for him is probably something everyone can relate to. I always believed that one day we will just coincidentally meet on the streets of my city. Just that it wouldn't be coincidence but fate. We would get along very well, the world would notice and everyone would be waiting for Cam to introduce me to the media,
To be honest, I'm over him now as he's got a girlfriend. Still, he gave me lots of hope in times of despair.

2. The Bus Crush

boy, Hot, and bus image

Everyone has had one of those. It doesn't neccessarily have to be a guy from the bus but someone who cycles by you on your way to school or any other random kind of place. I've had one on guy who even lives im my suburb, I've never talked to him. I have, however planned our wedding, what are children's names will be, and lots more on my way to school. I think, he might be creeped out by now if he knew.

3. The Complicated Crush

quotes, almost, and ex image

Technically, the quote says it all. We were friends and for some reason I fell in love with him. I don't know he might have been in love with me, too but we never got anywhere. He started dating a 'friend' of mine, a girl I don't like that much. She broke up with him after some weeks which I saw coming knowing both of them quite well. Something had changed, though, I didn't want to go back to loving him I didn't want to give him up altogether. What to do? I try to make myself believe he's just a crush but when we laugh together (which is not so often anymore) I can't control my feelings. Complicated I'd say.

Whoah, that's a long article for my standards it's like I'm pouring out my heart to someone. If you have any feelings to share about your recent crushes then feel free to contact me.