There was a time in which I no longer had a dream.
I was tire of living for nothing.
I realized I had nothing I wanted to achieve.

There was a time in which I had dreams.
Those dreams became into dust the day I woke up and got frustrated because of breathing.

I didn't know what I was good for.
I only saw the worst on everything.

I was the type of girl who would accept everything her parents say.
I was that girl who always was studying and never had the time for going out with her "friends".
I always felt the pressure of having excellent grades just to please her father.
I always said yes to any favor asked. Even if that meant nothing to me.
I became an hypocrite and even though I knew it I didn't do nothing to change and started to hate myself.

At my sophomore year at university I started to get a strange feeling. It was something I never ever felt before.

I did not regret the career I chose. I swear I didn't. Actually, that year was even better than the year before. But I got tired of how I was living my life. Everyone was telling me what I had to do and it seemed that my life belonged to others.

my father. my mother. my professors. society.

It sucked.

I felt that my life was not mine anymore. I did everything just to please others...

And I lost the dreams I had.

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Ask yourself about your dream profile Become the main subject of your life that has always been suppressed

I can't say that I'm fine now.
But I love that.
It's really tiring to lie to others, and even worst to lie to yourself.

I decided to live in my grandparents' house at the capital city for 15 days. Away from my parents, friends and even my sister.

Those days are about to finish next tuesday and I'm a little bit scared.

I'm finally dreaming again. And sometimes I just think that it's worthless ... but it doesn't stop me.

I'm smiling again and actually I think I'm learning to love myself with all my defects... so it's really scary to comeback to the place in which I didn't felt comfortable anymore... but that's how life works and I have to face reality.

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I won't promise anything to me. I just want to feel what I have to feel. And I'll cry when I have to cry. I'll read what I fucking wanna read. And I'll smile for whatever I want to smile.

Life sucks and most of the time it only throw trash to you.
People are not always reliave.
And you cannot always live in where you want to.

But I don't want to complain anymore.

I got tired of that.

I got tired of feeling like a victim.
I got tired of hating everything.
I got tired of overthinking.

I won't let anybody tell me again what I need for myself.
I won't let anybody decide what it's good for me.
I won't let anybody dream for what I what want dream.

It's my life. M Y F U C K I N G L I F E. And I love it. I completely love my life and don't want NEVER AGAIN to think that I don't fucking deserve it.


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