hey, lovelies!
I'm a gymnast, meaning I have to be strong and work out at least 6 days a week. So because of that, I know some pretty great workouts, either way this is an example of a workout I might do.

- hollow body rocks

3 sets of 30 seconds

Image by yα girl chloe ♡

-keep your lower back pressed into the floor or mat, keep you body tight and start rocking. if this is too hard, just hold this position.

-it's important to master this form as it's used in several exercises from here.

- diamond pushups

3 sets of 10

Image by yα girl chloe ♡

-this one is great for triceps. make sure to go down as far as you can and keep your abs and arms tight.

- v-ups

3 sets of 15

v ups image

-another ab workout (you'll see a lot of these). start in hollow body position and then go up into a "v position" then return to starting position but make sure to stay in the hallow body position. this one is killer and it's my favourite ab workout.

- up-down planks

-3 sets of 30_

fitness, plank, and workout image

-make sure you keep your abs super tight for this one and it'll target both your arms and abs.

- squat jumps

3 sets of 10

workout, squat jumps, and workout home image

-you can do these weighted or with just your body weight but these are amazing! Make sure to squeeze everywhere.

- jump-switch lunges

2 sets of 50

Image by yα girl chloe ♡

-again, you can do them with your bodyweight or with dumbells/ ankle weights.


ok so this is just an example of the workout i did (at home) today, of course i do better conditioning at the gym but either way i hope you like this!

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ilyasm, thank you so much for reading, have a great day.