And she loved him; the skater boy. The one who rode his board to outrun his demons. The tall lanky boy in the superhero T shirt. The one who never really let off what he felt but would try for her. The one who listened to bands that were underrated blasting from the speakers of his headphones. The one that wore a beanie as if his head were to never be bare.The boy with the slight stubble. The one with the long fingers and sweaty hands. The boy who held her in tight hugs in the back of the bus. The boy whos laugh was the best part of her times with him, even though he hated it. The boy who didn't have to speak for her to appreciate him. The one who looked out for her well-being. The one who offered his jacket that felt like a blanket. The one whos hand was always there to hold. The one who didn't see how great he was. The one she could talk about anything with. The one who made her not want to just text, because face to face with him was her favourite place. The one who had her waiting for the end of the week to see him again. The one who made her think that if forever was a possibility then waiting for it to start wouldn't be the end.