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When the unknown shooter called me in the PA system I was scared for my life. As I walked towards the office , all I could think about was if I was going to die.

I was eventually in front of the office and I reached my hands towards the door knob and my hands were shaking.

When I opened the door , there were four guys in ski masks. I asked them what they wanted from me.

They pulled me into a corner and told me to be quiet. Then they had small conversation on the other side of the room but I couldn't hear them. But a voice sounded familiar out of those four guys.

Eventually they came back to my corner and one of them reached their hands towards me and I grabbed his hand.

I felt something when I touched his hands. I felt like I held his hands before. I felt a spark. Suddenly I knew who was behind the mask

The three remaining guys went out an exit door and me and the "other guy" left through another door.

When we went outside I entered a black van and just like that we were on the road.

There was a moment of silence in the car. It was just me and the "random guy" in the car. I think you guys know were I'm going with this.

Suddenly I broke the silence and said "Dylan I know it's you"

He took the mask off and I saw him but I was so confused.... why would he do all of this?

I knew he loved me but he loved me enough to gun down the whole school.

Dylan stopped the car and told me that he was "suffering" without me and that he wanted to run away (AGAIN) with me.

He also said the reason why he gunned down the whole school was to get police distracted by the school lock down instead of focusing on me since police were keeping a close eye on me for awhile.

But it was actually kind of dumb. Cause now it's suspicious.

A Lock Down at a school , an active shooter , and only one person which is me , that is missing from the scene.

Now police is REALLY going to be on my butt.

I told Dylan the truth! cause I was tired of this non sense. I told him to stop the car and that I didn't love him anymore... even though it wasn't true. But I'm tired of running!

I got out the car and starting walking back to the school. Dylan yelled and screamed for me to get back in the car but I ignored him.

Suddenly he picked me up and tossed me in the back of the van.

I couldn't believe this..... he turned violent and maybe dangerous.

To be continued
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