Write about your favorite memories

One of my favorite memories is from 2014. It was my first concert ever, I've only been to music festival. It was a One Direction concert, I get there with a friend, her sister and her dad. We spend the day waiting to get in and made some friends there. A little time after we get in, they put some music and we started to sing and dance a little. It was really cool. We had fun for the band who was there before the One D, and when it was there time, I was really impatient to see them, to hear them sing. And it was better that what I was excepting. I sing, dance, and even almost cry. It was some project planned and one of them was the french flag with some paper all over the crowd and it was really beautiful and the boys did love it. The second one was with paper too but on each paper it was written "You make me strong" and we show them since the song Strong and it looked really cool.

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The second one I think of, is when I was at an amusement park with my most close friends. Me and a friend get to the house of an other friend. We spend the night before at her house. We drive in the morning to get there, and we were pretty excited. We get on some roller coaster and have so much fun.We stay there since they close and we get to an hotel for sleeping and the next morning, we drive back to where we sleep the first night, and we eat there and few hours later, she drive me back home and she get to her house after that. It was a really cool day and we had so much fun.

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