Some of the types of boys I wish would exist in my town and would like me...

Thunderstorm boys: neon signs, loud music, heart shaped lollipops, bruised knees, bathroom stall graffiti, leather pants, sudden blackouts

red, neon, and sinner image art, writing, and toilet image heart, lick, and lolita image black, boy, and leather image

Sunset boys: foreign movies with subtitles, vanilla ice cream, polaroid pictures, blanket forts, pillowfights, cosy flannels, lazy ponytails

girl, book, and harry potter image girl, pillow, and fun image shirt and clothes image ice cream, food, and dessert image

Sunrise boys: hot cocoa with marshmallow, messy bed hair, honey colored freckles, uneven bangs, whispered compliments, bare shoulders

quotes, kiss, and love image skin, stars, and freckles image chocolate, marshmallow, and food image back, morning, and bed image

Riptide boys: socks with holes, vintage hoodies, broken guitar strings, grey sky, handwritten love letters, blue jeans, the scent of Nivea moisturizer

boy, ulzzang, and asian boy image guitar, music, and vintage image blue, cream, and girl image city, boy, and blue image

Eclipse boys: smeared ink, muffled words, midnight road trips, wine spills, messy beds, several hours long poker parties, silk bed sheets

black, aesthetic, and grunge image road, grunge, and dark image black and white, cards, and diamond image drunk, girl, and wine image