MY LOVELIES LOVES HELLO! Guys, you know i have to start E V E R Y article with gratittude because for me thanking you for all the hearts and reactions AND ALSO MESSAGES (i get so happy when you send me a message, thank u, you're so special!) is something that i CAN'T take for granted, so thank you guys so much. Also welcome new followers, hope your day is going great!

Okay so let's start with the article more like a test today, and it's going to help to FIND OUT IF YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL you're welcome honey,

HOLD ON, HOLD ON, you may be asking: why are you doing this? thought you advocated for self love and now you're doing this dumb article to help me know if i'm beautiful? girl, bye!. I know it sounds stupid but please give it a try, i promise it won't let you down!

Okay! Let's start

1. Your hair color is:

A) Black.
B) I'm blonde u-hu.
C) Other color.

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2. Your eye color is:

A) Brown.
B) Blue.
C) Othe color.

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3. Do you have a lot of followers on social media?

A) I'm almost an influencer, b*tch hell yeah.
B) Just a llittle.
C) My followers are only the people i know.

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4. Do you have abs?

A) Yes i do, i'm like a VS angel u-hu (or kind of).
B) Lol, i don't have them that toned.
C) abs?? more like a bubble.

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5. And last but not least. Are you like, a real life baddie? with the clothes and everything? a goals friendship and relatiionship?. Oh and don't forget the pet!

A) I can't complain about my life but i'm not "a baddie"
B) Really far from being one.
C) YUP, you just defined my feed OH OOPS, i life! lol

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Majority of A.

O-M-G. GURL/BOY, you're SOOOO soooo but like srsly SOOO beautiful, i mean it. Your beauty goes beyond human's perception. I don't know if it's your hair, your eyes or know what? i know what makes you that beautiful!!! it's your inside! HELL YEAH I FOUND IT, i mean obvsly your outer you is rocking it! but your inner you, i mean your inner beauty, is so out of this world.

Majority of B.

OH NO! I'm so sorry to say this're one of the most beautiful creations of my God, srsly, you look like he took his time to make you but also i want to tell you that you're inner beauty is shining so bright, you're so special and unique and there's no beauty in this world that can be compred to yours not even the most beautiful flower type because you'll still be more pretty!

Majority of C

HELL NO, omg STOP IT RIGHT THERE! i can`t deal with your beauty, it's just...i mean look at you, a beautiful person is a beautiful person but you? Gosh, you're so beautiful not only on the outside but inside too!. I mean, i'm honestly so happy that there's people like you walking in this world, you just light te whole God's creation up. I don't know what would happen to the world without you. Thanks for existing, but please dare to live too!

And this is for ALL OF YOU: Hope one day you get to love what you see in the mirror, hope that day is today. I wnat you to know that beauty doesn't mean being an insta baddie, having a boyfriend or a bff, having the best closet, nails, hair, makeup or even a killer body. It doesn't mean being instafamous, being an influencer, it doesn't mean being ridiculously of what society considers as "beautiful". Being beautifu is being who you truly are, embracing the gift that you are, you are alive NOW, you are here NOW, YOU have a purpose even if you don't know which one is, FINE, i don't now which one is mine neither but i know i have one otherwise it would be stupid to be here.

Hope i made you smile with the truth :)

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Love you,