I have probably watched Kimi ni Todoke for more than ten times and yet it never fails to open this little empty heart of mine.

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Kimi ni Todoke is the perfect representation of how it is to fall in love in real life.

It can be a fairy tale, the prince may fall for you, but the struggles, the awkwardness, the blushing, and all the little things are the ones that really matter.

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It tells the different sides of love: love of your best friends, love of family, the love at first sight, love that's not really love, more of for the sake of having someone being physically there, the love where you get to form a rival, there's the love you never really knew was there, and there's the realistic slow process where you actually get to know the person first.

Additionally, the characters do not act like their whole school life was revolved around their love interests (as what most animes do). The characters had their own lives, had their own dreams which they came upon with no other person but themselves in mind.

It also tells the reality that no matter what happens, you are really going to be separated from the people you grew up with because you have to go after your dreams - and there is absolutely nothing wrong about that. We all have to grow up, and there will always be a point in our life where we cannot move forward unless we go alone. It does not mean however, that you forget about everything else.

You chase after what you want while keeping in constant communication with those who are important to you. That is the reality of growing up. The way I see it, Kimi ni Todoke has captured the high school separation perfectly. That's exactly how everyone feels that that point.

No matter how bad other people say the ending of this manga was, I found it beautiful. There was no other way to end it rather than an open ending.

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