Have you ever thought about the purpose of life itself? What do we live for?

I think that everyone and everything have their own purpose in this life. Some people bring us bright emotions, some books make us think about various problems, difficult situations force us to solve our problems (usually without somebody's help)...

We always have to decide what to do, whom to choose, what music to listen to, what book to read.
The most interesting fact is than every choice we made direct us to that very moment in which we are now. These choices make us better or worse but them make us ourselves.

Stop for a second and think... About your family. When was the last time you visit your parents? What did you say before you left your home when you was about 20?

Think about yourself. Do you love yourself? What do you want to change? Do these changes make you happier?

Think about your friends. What do you think about them? Do you have a lot of them? Why? Who can come to you when you feel alone or just upset? What can you do for them?

Think about you work. Is it really you what you want to do? Remember, that you can change it wherever you want.

All what you need is bravery, some kindness and beautiful heart. So do it! Believe in yourself! Change something in you life. Go out of your comfort zone! And you'll see how your life become more interesting, more exciting and just better. Go forward to your freedom