Sooo today I want to write about treating and taking time for yourself because I feel like we are sometimes just working, studying and we forget to take a break. We shouldn’t overwork our body and mind. One of my new year’s resolutions was to slow down and take time for myself because in my opinion it is really important that we take time for ourselves to ask ourselves how we feel and what we want. Thats why I want to share you my ideas how to treat yourself.

1.Listen to good music
You can listen to music everywhere and whenever you want, so just let your favorite album or playlist play, turn the volume up and enjoy the moment. Personally I love R&B/Soul. I feel like there are songs to go crazy and dance but also songs to really cool down. One of my favorite artists are SZA, Khalid and Daniel Ceaser.

2.Watch a good movie or show
Watching a movie or your favorite show after a long and hard day can be really relaxing sooo just choose the movie or show you want to watch, grab some snacks and a blanket, get into your bed and enjoy the last minutes of the day. I love watching 90’s teenager movies (I’m literally obsessedddd) for example „Clueless“ or „The Breakfast Club“. My current favorite show is „Friends“. It is literally the funniest thing ever and I love the characters. So go and watch it if you haven’t already.

3.Take a bath or a long shower
If you have a bathtub at your house try to take a bath as often as you can. Maybe ever two weeks or once a while because a bubble bath after a hard week can really relax you. Put on some relaxing music, lights some candles and let your mind and body relax. If you unfortunately don’t have a bathtub just take a long and hot shower. Use your favorite shower gel, a peeling or a hair mask. Try to think about good things for example something good that happened to you this week or something you are looking forward to or you can also try to think about nothing. After the shower or bath use your favorite body lotion and get into some comfy clothes.

4.Read a good book
I know for some of you reading probably sounds really boring but reading really helps me personally relax and before I go to bed I like to read at least one chapter because it also helps me to get tired. If you are looking for a new book I can really recommend „Paper Towns“ by John Green. It is an awesome book and way better than the movie. Believe me.

5.Mediate or do some yoga
I am a huge fan of yoga and mediating because I really believe it helps me to cool down after a long day. I know yoga can be exhausting sometimes but just 15 or 20 minutes can be enough to feel a difference. If you want to clear your mind meditating can be really helpful. For example if you feel unhappy and totally stressed out just sit down, close your eyes and think about how you will sort things out, how everything is going to be getting better and that you can master everything.

I hope these ideas will help you and remember your body and mind need a break sometimes.
Thanks for reading this article.