Ciao, hearters,
I decided to finally write an article and realized the best way is to do this challenge where I put pictures that describe me.

#1. Style

converse, denim, and ring image accessories, girl, and neck image hair, pink, and braid image outfit, fashion, and metal image
Very diverse- sometimes I'm all classy and sometimes I love to wear my band shirts and die my hair crazy colours.

#2. A colour

purple, aesthetic, and stars image rose, sky, and flowers image purple, waves, and sea image purple, neon, and aesthetic image
Purple has been my favourite colour since I was a kid, even though not a lot of people know that I love it, since I don't ever wear it, really.

#3. Animal

animals, horses, and incredible image Image removed horse, pink, and vintage image beach, horse, and summer image
I just really love horses.

#4. Personality

aesthetic, dylan, and intelligence image quotes, movie, and aesthetic image gif and sad image quotes, laugh, and she image
I think that my brain is the most powerful thing I have, but my anxiety is stopping me in doing many things. Still, I love to laugh :D

#5. Passions

write, pen, and writing image vintage image book, coffee, and cozy image boy, Hot, and black and white image
A pen and notebook, books and earphones playing my favourite music are all I need.

#6. Book

books, decor, and carlos ruiz zafon image book, quote, and mirrors image shakespeare image shakespeare and study image
The shadow of the wind by Carl Ruiz Zafon is my favourite book, but I had to put some Shakespeare here, too, because I somehow always come back to him.

#7. Food

chocolate, food, and sweet image coffee, coffeetime, and coffeelovers image food, fruit, and breakfast image aesthetic, breakfast, and healthy image
I'm such a sugar addict and... I just love coffee.

#8. Movie

quotes, poetry, and movie image quotes, robin williams, and life image quotes, words, and movie image quotes image
Go watch Dead Poets Society if you haven't because it's remarkably beautiful.

#9. Lifestyle

inspiration, book, and college image party, music, and concert image fitness, workout, and gym image break, girl, and friends image
Studying, partying, working out and finding new places with good coffee.

#10. Dreams and goals

book and library image adventure, blonde hair, and lifestyle image love, smile, and couple image hustle, success, and workit image
Have a personal library, travel as much as I can, find that love that I write about and just succeed in everything I set myself as a goal.

That would be all, thanks for reading :)