Ciao, hearters,
I decided to finally write an article and realized the best way is to do this challenge where I put pictures that describe me.

#1. Style

starbucks accessories Superthumb fashion
Very diverse- sometimes I'm all classy and sometimes I love to wear my band shirts and die my hair crazy colours.

#2. A colour

aesthetic aesthetic beach aesthetic
Purple has been my favourite colour since I was a kid, even though not a lot of people know that I love it, since I don't ever wear it, really.

#3. Animal

Superthumb snow carousel adventure
I just really love horses.

#4. Personality

Superthumb emotions gif laugh
I think that my brain is the most powerful thing I have, but my anxiety is stopping me in doing many things. Still, I love to laugh :D

#5. Passions

pen typewriter autumn black and white
A pen and notebook, books and earphones playing my favourite music are all I need.

#6. Book

Superthumb book shakespeare Superthumb
The shadow of the wind by Carl Ruiz Zafon is my favourite book, but I had to put some Shakespeare here, too, because I somehow always come back to him.

#7. Food

chocolate Superthumb breakfast Superthumb
I'm such a sugar addict and... I just love coffee.

#8. Movie

dead poets society dead poets society change quotes
Go watch Dead Poets Society if you haven't because it's remarkably beautiful.

#9. Lifestyle

book black and white body coffee
Studying, partying, working out and finding new places with good coffee.

#10. Dreams and goals

book travel black and white Superthumb
Have a personal library, travel as much as I can, find that love that I write about and just succeed in everything I set myself as a goal.

That would be all, thanks for reading :)