Hey ♥, I wanted to share some really good songs with you.

Always listen the chorus, and you'll like them trust me ♥

♫ ♫ ♫

  • BLACKPINK - Playing with fire
aesthetic, couple, and header image
Image by claudette girl, art, and anime image
And the Music Video is Fire ♥ 🔥 (get the pun; im sorry). I recommend very much to watch the video.
  • K.A.R.D - Hola Hola
hollywood, city, and light image beach, sea, and summer image city, pink, and theme image jump, summer, and adventure image
The Hola Hola part is soo nice ♫ ♪
  • BTS - Blood Sweat & Tears
alternative, couple, and pale image bts, jungkook, and kpop image girl, pink, and lips image aesthetic, love, and art image bts, jin, and kpop image arrow, bow, and aesthetic image
I dragged 3 people into kpop using this song, it also got me into kpop. The beat drop is so so soo good, you can't help but dance + the video is so hot
  • WINNER - Really Really
black and white and girl image friends, summer, and car image
So catchyy
  • Chungha - Roller Coaster
moon, pink, and neon image love, neon, and light image
The chorus slays, the video is soo pretty
  • BLACKPINK - As if it's your last
Inspiring Image on We Heart It blackpink, jennie, and kpop image music, spotify, and asifitsyourlast image neon, pink, and light image
*The chorus is really catchy 💘
  • BTS - DNA
army, DNA, and edit image kpop, bts, and v image art, drawing, and space image moon and stars image
The dance break 💙 💜
  • BTS - Save me
hands, moon, and tumblr image bts, jimin, and Save Me image
I don't wanna be lonely, I just want to be yours
  • BTS - Spring day
love, couple, and train image fun, photography, and light image girl, grunge, and indie image sky, clouds, and moon image
This song makes me kind of emo and I love it. The aesthetics are beautiful 🌺
  • BTS - Go Go
wallpaper and bts image outfit image unif image red, heart, and aesthetic image
Such a great song you'll like it in the first 10 seconds
  • BTS - Best of me
love, art, and couple image anime, art, and sky image love, art, and couple image art, stars, and illustration image
I love this song so mcuh, It's amazing

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