Hey ♥, I wanted to share some really good songs with you.

Always listen the chorus, and you'll like them trust me ♥

♫ ♫ ♫

  • BLACKPINK - Playing with fire
aesthetic, dark, and indie image
Superthumb art
And the Music Video is Fire ♥ 🔥 (get the pun; im sorry). I recommend very much to watch the video.
  • K.A.R.D - Hola Hola
california beach city adventure
The Hola Hola part is soo nice ♫ ♪
  • BTS - Blood Sweat & Tears
aesthetic aesthetic aesthetic art aesthetic archer
I dragged 3 people into kpop using this song, it also got me into kpop. The beat drop is so so soo good, you can't help but dance + the video is so hot
  • WINNER - Really Really
black and white car
So catchyy
  • Chungha - Roller Coaster
grunge aesthetic
The chorus slays, the video is soo pretty
  • BLACKPINK - As if it's your last
Superthumb kpop Superthumb aesthetic
*The chorus is really catchy 💘
  • BTS - DNA
Superthumb kpop aesthetic moon
The dance break 💙 💜
  • BTS - Save me
hands kpop
I don't wanna be lonely, I just want to be yours
  • BTS - Spring day
alternative carousel alternative clouds
This song makes me kind of emo and I love it. The aesthetics are beautiful 🌺
  • BTS - Go Go
jin tommy hilfiger Superthumb aesthetic
Such a great song you'll like it in the first 10 seconds
  • BTS - Best of me
art anime art girl
I love this song so mcuh, It's amazing

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