now this may be slightly confusing, but I find inspiration from the movie Mamma Mia, ABBA, and Greece. Mamma Mia is one of my favorite movies of all time, and I absolutely love ABBA!

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greece is such a beautiful country and I would absolutely love to go there one day

- another reason i find inspiration from Mamma Mia is because of Donna's connection with her two best friends, Tanya and Rosie.
I would absolutely love to have best friends like that.

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just look at how beautiful Greece is!

ABBA's music is so wonderful and it makes me feel happy, also listening to the Mamma Mia version of the music. It really makes me feel inspired, happy, and confident.

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i would seriously recommend listening to ABBA's music and the Mamma Mia soundtrack.

If you have never listened to either of them (ABBA or Mamma Mia) today is the day you should, because it is truly inspiring. I also love the 70s vibe, it makes me so happy. And if you have never seen the movie, you totally should because its amazing, also the sequel is coming out this summer and i'm so ready for it.

Image by Mouna DramaQueen
just look its so beautiful in greece!
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just a few things from the original movie and the sequel