Good Morning Ladies and Gents,

I felt like I needed to write this Article. Especially for young girls out there. Kind of like, a big sister advice to a little sister. Although, this truly can apply to anybody since being self-conscious doesn't have an age. Here are some things I have learned for being confident while scrolling through social media.

I have the habit of waking up early in the morning and immediately checking up on my social media.

In particular Instagram. I do enjoy it and have many times found it as inspiration. I follow way too many accounts of adorable puppies and inspiration for home decor.

However, I'm not going to lie I've caught myself feeling a little blue over the fact that some girls lives seem so perfect. They have the perfect job, perfect relationship, they look amazing, they live in beautiful places and they travel in what seems like all the time. And it feels like in comparison to them, I never seem to catch a break.

Then I back track and remember that it's not real. It's not realistic to always be traveling to look like "I woke up like this" When perfectly done eyebrows and flawless skin and not a single pimple or imperfection is in sight.

The reality is peoples Instagram account is a collection of the best moments of their lives. It is not their entire life. It is not our entire life. And I say our because I'm in that boat like you and the persons Instagram account thinking about right now. Most of us take images of the best part of our lives.

And don't get me wrong, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. When ever I'm feeling down I take a look at my Instagram and find myself remember that trip that I took a year ago and I have fond memories. Or coffee that I have experienced or foods that I love. It is a collection of things that make me happy.

However, once I start comparing my life to others life based on their Instagram, things go down hill.

Then I remember that its only social media. People spend hours editing these images and making sure they look perfect. On social media we are usually portraying our best selves, the best moments of our lives. Which is only a small part of our lives.

Please, Please know that social media is beautiful if we take a step back and remember that others people lives should not be compared to our own. We all have something to be grateful for, because we are all uniquely beautiful people that have some to offer the world that no one else can.

As always, stay beautiful and kind.