I don't really remember if I've ever talked about my cactus collection here. So today's topic will be about cacti!

The first rule I must mention here, the name of these extremely cute and unique plants! While the singular form says cactus the prular form says cacti. Basically that's it, if you're speaking about one than it would be cactus and if two it will be cacti. Not that hard.

cactus, plants, and green image

Second rule is about watering them. Of course there are more than 2000 types of cacti but in general you should water them with room-temperatured water. I don't know the exact word in English, but you know, when the water is not too cold but not too warm.

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Third. Before you buy it, ask a staff member about the details. Question about where you should put it, how much water does it need etc.

cactus image

Fourth. Whenever you plant it in another pottery, make sure the soil you put in the pottery is in a great condition. And that would be great if you could put some tiny stones into the soil, to make the cactus feel like "home"

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Fifth. Make sure you put your new tiny tiny friend to a place where it gets enough sunlight during the day. Me, myself I put them all in the window sill and I keep them there all year long. I know there's a lot saying you should put them away during the winter, and I actually forget it all the time. But I don't really mind it because my cacti are well!

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In general, I follow these "rules" whenever I buy a new buddy. Now I have 13 and all of them are different, and I want even more! I've looked up for the actual names of them but its so hard to remember their botanic names.

cactus, plants, and green image

That was all for now, I hope you got inspired a little bit :) . These plants are so friendly theres not too much work with them and they're absolutely amazing decorations as well! Make sure you follow me on Instagram (for my cacti posts :)) and tell me how it worked for you to keep a cactus!


See you next time!

Warning! I am not a professional plant keeper. I don't study about plants in school, I've just said what I heard about them, and worked for me. If I said something wrong, or not correct I'm really sorry!