If you are among such people who have never heard about such term "thought materialization", then no worries - there are probably a lot people like you who now (if they are reading this) are trying to figure out what does that even mean.

So. It's a combination of two quite powerful words: "thoughts" + "materialization".

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Of course, we all know what thoughts are. Right? Those are words, which probably most of us would interpret as verbal, because we kind of hear them in our minds. Should I even say as - mental verbal sounds? It could be. So, these are all of the things that go through our minds. ON THE OTHER HAND - thoughts can be described even as visual scenes, like pictures. I would like to assume that it depends on the situation, because there is also a third possibility of defining the way of experiencing thinking - with melodic sounds or noises. Like remembering a tune or the opposite - sound of something crashing, scratching, breaking... etc.

A human mind is a mysterious place. For lots of reasons. Not only because we can visualize the things that are going through our minds (sometimes even re-play some scenes when picturing them), we can also have these "mental conversations", even when we read - we have this magical way of changing voices, languages, accents when we read or recall something that we have heard or experienced before.

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Ok, enough about describing what thoughts and thinking is - we all kind of are aware of it. So, what about the other, not so familiar word - "materialization"?

If you ask Mother Google or the Wise and Mysterious World of the Internet, we get:

verb (used without object), materialized, materializing.
to come into perceptible existence; appear; become actual or real; be realized or carried out:
Our plans never materialized.
to assume material or bodily form; become corporeal:
The ghost materialized before Hamlet.
verb (used with object), materialized, materializing.
to give material form to; realize:
to materialize an ambition.
to invest with material attributes:
to materialize abstract ideas with metaphors.
to make physically perceptible; cause (a spirit or the like) to appear in bodily form.
to render materialistic.
1. emerge, show, rise, issue.
— via Thesaurus Internet dictionary

Basically, in simple words, it means to make something become reality. Now, you might ask - what does it have to do with thoughts? Well, many have said that the core of or lives is based on what we think, based on our "inner world".

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To make it more understandable, here is one of the many opinions on how our inner world reflects what is happening in our real lives:

"There is a single, intelligent Consciousness that pervades the entire Universe, which is all powerful, all knowing, all creative and present everywhere at the same time - the Universal Mind. Your mind is part of this One Universal Mind and since your thoughts are a product of your mind, it follows that your thought power too is limitless. Once you truly understand that your mind is one with the Single Source of All Power and that this power is within you, you will have found the only true source of infinite power for which nothing is impossible and impossible is nothing. Know that thought power comes from within. Accessing the source of All Power starts by looking inwards.
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The greatest mystics and teachers that have walked the Earth have told us that everything is energy. This has now been undeniably confirmed by modern science. Your thoughts too are energy. William Walker Atkinson told us that "where mind is static energy, thought is dynamic energy - two phases of the same thing" and Charles Haanel went on to say that "thought power is the vibratory force formed by converting static mind into dynamic mind". Your thoughts are alive. Each time you entertain a specific thought, you emit a very specific, corresponding frequency or energy vibration."
- via http://www.mind-your-reality.com/thought_power.html By Tania Kotsos

Sounds a bit spiritual and maybe even unbelievable. Some might even say that this stuff is fiction or some kind of way for convincing an individual when he or she is searching for new purpose in life when feeling down and is in need for inspiration. Yes, could be true.

BUT have ever paid attention to what is happening to you? Have you ever noticed what you think or what you say in your mind to yourself and how it results in real life? Think of the small things - silent wishes or some bigger dreams that you have imagined about becoming reality one day. Have you had any hints or somehow un-explainable things suddenly happening / arising in quite casual situations, which makes you think: "Wow, I just thought about this some time ago...".

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We all know the expression - "make a wish, so you can make your dream come true" or "be careful what you wish for" (something like that, you get what I mean..).

So, here's the question - is thought materialization real? I would like to believe that it really is. As it has been said - you are responsible for your own thoughts and if you have a bad mindset, then it is only your fault.* This is actually something that I was once told and maybe I should have put that as a quote, ok, doesn't matter... But what to do when you try and nothing seems to happen the way you are hoping for it to happen?

Patience. Yes, I know. Probably the worst possible answer, but I think it is true. Now I am in a position when I am trying to figure out some things about what turns or choices I should be making in my life in order to make improvements for a particular reason. And I have no idea what to do. To be more precise - what is the thing I am supposed to be doing...

I once read in a book about "modeling the future", which talked a lot about this same thing, and the readers were advised to image the particular thing they wished to happen. And when thinking, the readers were asked to imagine even the tiniest details, because the details matter - the more you think about the small things, the better you can create the "model" of the scenario you wish to become reality.

Have I done such things? Actually - yes. A few years ago I had thought about something that I really wanted to happen and I even had thought about the tiniest details (note: that was waaay before I read the book I mentioned earlier) and since I enjoy writing so much, I wrote those things down - I made a list: what I would like that location to look like, what kind of type of people I would like to be there with, I thought about specific details in the environment etc.
And you know what? It did come true. Not immediately, but after some period of time. And these things have happened not only with this example, but also with a few other things about which I had thought about in the tiniest details and imagined what I would like it to be like.

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In the conclusion, I wish you to pay attention to details when making wishes. And do not back down when it doesn't happen straight away - things take time to become reality. I can assure you that things will happen, but we all must remember that it also takes effort and work to get some things done. Don't be afraid to think and wish. I encourage you to do more and with great courage and passion!

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