Everyday is like the one before,
I wake with a tiredness that just won't shift,
a loathing of what awaits me,
and a knowing that I must pretend to like them.
They walk around without a care in the world,
like nothing could hurt them,
their minds just filled with a vast space of nothingness.
Vapid. All of them.

I used to wish to be like that,
to be like them. To not care,
To be apart of that world;
an inclusive group that is only for the socially acceptable.

I don't nor have I ever fit in,
my generation just doesn't welcome me,
doesn't relate to me.
My generation pushes me away and tells me I don't belong.
I can't help but agree,
I can't help but be glad.

I don't fit in.
I'm not socially acceptable.
I am me.