Having trouble sleeping? Here are 6 great ways to help you fall asleep much faster.

1. Read a Book

When you read a book , it makes your eyes tired and eventually you'll get exhausted and you'll fall right to sleep. Another alternative is to study for a test that you may have coming up and this comes with a bonus cause you'll remember the information and you'll get a good night sleep.

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2. Watch netflix or TV

For some people watching TV will eventually get them tired. Because when you stare at the TV it will make your eyes start watering and you'll be tired.

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3. Drink some Tea

Drinking tea ( especially green tea with lemon ) will help you fall asleep faster or some time of hot beverage . NO COFFEE!

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4. Take a Bath

We all know a nice shower or bath is very relaxing. So after taking a shower make sure to rub powder on your chest, I always do this and when I sleep I feel so soft and cozy!

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5. Sleep with the A/C on and Soft Blankets

Whenever the A/C is on , trust me you fall asleep soooo quick. Make sure to have comfortable and soft blankets around your bed. Pillows as well. ( I sleep with a whole bunch of pillows and it's the best!)

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6. Turn on some nice and soothing music

I don't mean "Bad and Boujee" , "Motorsport" "Bodak Yellow"
"Gucci Gang" or any of those rap or hip hop music. I'm talking about some Ocean waves or Beethoven music!

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There's an app called "Calm" and it has music that helps you fall asleep. And they have people that read you stories in a soothing voice! GO DOWNLOAD IT

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