Hey I saw a lot of Articles like this on WHI at the moment and I thought it is a cool idea, so i decided to writhe an article like this too.

My Style

black, outfit, and style image fashion, outfit, and clothes image fashion, girl, and style image girl, hair, and grunge image earrings, heart, and aesthetic image
Yeah idk how to describe my style because i wear kinda everything from the 90th style to dresses and big hoodies. But i really love every kind of accessoiries and I have blond middle long hair.
but the pictures in this collection describe my style too :)

My fav color

love it, peach, and peachy image pink, world, and globe image japan, aesthetic, and travel image aesthetic, black, and tumblr image
BLACKPINK in your area:) I love the colors Pink and black so much. And to all that say black isn't a color.. shut up.

My passions

clothes, style, and dark colours image alternative, hand, and pink image
I really love to write
alternative, fashion, and aesthetic image fashion, yellow, and outfit image
I love fashion and every part of fashion
Inspiring Image on We Heart It Image by Άρτεμις
I've been dancing ballet since 12 years and I think I'll never stop dancing
riverdale, food, and series image drama, korea, and k-drama image
I love to chill and watch some series or K-dramas
bts, jungkook, and jin image blackpink, lisa, and rose image
I'm really in love with Kpop and i love so many groups....
bts, jimin, and kpop image bts, jimin, and park jimin image
Btw my ultimative bias is Park Jimin! Once you jim-in you can't jim-out ;)

An animal

animal, lion, and beauty image disney, simba, and the lion king image
I really love lions

My fav food

asian, food, and yummy image food, hello kitty, and sushi image
I love everything about asian food

My personality

asian, Korean Drama, and kdrama image strong woman do bong soon image quotes, grunge, and smoke image quotes image pink, princess, and quotes image Image by Terrible dancers asian, caps, and captions image quotes, sad, and miss image


photography, travel, and destinations image aesthetic, grunge, and yellow image
I just want to travel around the world

A book

book, silver, and kerstin gier image
I just love this book

my fav movie

gif image
Defenetly Titanic!!! I love young Leo a little bit to much :)

Okay this is me... you can visit this collection:

these are pictures which describes me too.

soooo good byeee :)