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6.What is the hardest thing you have ever experienced?

Well, I think I talked a bit about it in the second part of the challange, a few days ago. In fact it is really about my illness. The experience and therefore, the most difficult period of my life begins about two years ago, when I decided to start following a very restrictive and severe diet. I wanted to do it because I was slightly overweight, I did not like my body, I did not accept myself and above all I did not feel accepted by others. Because of my weight I was a victim of bullying, so I wanted to change things. This diet consisted of eating only fruit, vegetables and some white meat ... everything else was excluded. Obviously, only now do I realize that it is not a healthy diet. But at the time I did not get it, I was convinced of what I was doing. After several months, I had already lost several pounds coming to a good weight in the standard range. at first it seemed like I liked it but little by little I started looking at myself in the mirror and seeing myself very fat. I did not like it at all, so I committed myself to losing a lot of pounds, sometimes staying for days without eating. I wanted to be clear and hasty, but I did not know what I was doing any more, and the more damage I would cause to my body.

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I arrived at the minimum level of normal but for once, looking in the mirror, I did not like my image, I found it horrible. In the meantime, in order to obtain these results, I had to fight against my family's wishes and the quarrels were the order of the day. All this made me only a state of stress and anxiety and in the meantime it was physically damaging. I began to lose my hair, became anemic, and often collapsed. Even my vision got worse.

As I wished, I got to be underweight, but now my mental state had reached the limit. At that moment for me eating meant something forbidden, food was an enemy for me. I did not feel like anyone and I felt very lonely. Shortly thereafter, I started taking sessions with the psychologist, who put me in a hospital where even now nutritionists, dieticians and psychiatrists follow me. They tried to help me right away, and for a while it seemed like I felt better. Suddenly, however, everything was dark again and I was swallowed by a strong depression that pushed me to have very bad thoughts about me and my future. I seriously risked becoming anorexic and repeatedly tried to self-injure or attempt suicide. I did not feel part of this world and above all I was tired of everything I live by. The situation became more and more desperate and the doctors found it appropriate to prescribe antidepressants in pills.

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Now I do not remember well what it was, or who pushed me to come back to the light, I only know that at some point inside me, I found the strength to fight and not to let go, to reason my head and think what's really important. At present I am still under treatment in this center for patients with eating disorders and psychological problems, but I can say that in the last period and now I am working to recover and I already see excellent results. I am learning many things, but above all I am learning to love myself and respect myself. I am very confident, and I feel that the straight road to freedom is not very far.

Today I expressed something that for me is really very delicate and important, I did not think I would ever tell anyone ... but it was just like that!
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