I'm going to share my favourite artists and bands with you to hopefully give you some inspiration.

Mac Demarco

mac demarco image
If you are looking for some calming music you should definitly check this out.

Declan McKenna

declan mckenna image
My favourite artist at the moment is definitly Declan McKenna. His songs are so different and he writes about such important topics.


clay, indie, and 13 reasons why image
Even though yet they only have 4 songs they have become one of my fovourite bands.

Arctic Monkeys

arctic monkeys, alex turner, and band image
This indie/rock band is just Amazing


alternative, band, and music image
I discovered this rock band just recently and i'm glad I did. My favourite song is definitly "sleep in the heat"

The Strokes

the strokes, albert, and Jules image
My favourite indie band


70s, 80s, and band image
An amazing band

David Bowie

david bowie image
Do I even have to say anything?


finn wolfhard, stranger things, and calpurnia image
Last but definitely not least Calpurnia

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