here is a bunch of ideas to make your bedroom more appealing! enjoy✨

1. put a tapestry on the wall

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tapestry's are great because they are making a bold statement, they are pretty and they are reasonably cheap!

2. donate your old clothes to make more room

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less is better! it makes your room look much neater, it's easier to choose what to wear and the charity will thank you!

3. get new sheets or wash yours

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the feeling of new or washed sheets is amazing! plus if your bed sheets are getting old it will make the room less appealing, so get some new ones!

4. add some fairy lights!

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this is a super cute way to brighten up your room as well as make it look nicer! you can also add photos or polaroids on them too for a unique touch.

5. add plants!

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this is literally the cutest thing ever for your room, it brightens it up instantly as well as giving it a nature vibe!

6. declutter!

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this is the best thing you can do for your room if you want it to look more appealing. this is great because you can find things easier and it is very pleasing to look at! get rid of any junk that you don't need (like old school books or anything that is broken)

7. get rid of furniture you don't need

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a room overcrowded with furniture can look disorganised and cluttered, see if you can get rid of at least 1 piece of furniture!

8. add a mirror

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this will bounce the light around your room and make it appear brighter, it is also really useful too!

9. find a colour scheme

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this is pretty essential because a mismatched colour scheme isn't aesthetically pleasing and therefore won't make your room appealing!

10. organise!

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if you organise you will be able to find things much easier and it makes your room look so much better!

thats it! i hope you got inspired by this article, thanks for reading!

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