Like I mentioned in the previous article, the habit of reading is one of the things that had a big impact on my daily life,actually you can say it's the one that invited the other habits to my life. without saying too much, let me tell how books really helped me :


when I started reading consistently, first it was only 5-10 pages in a row.. then with discipline and commitment I began to make a progress, 15 pages, 20 pages, 25 pages up to 30-40 pages in a row .. now I read everyday for 30-40 mins without even thinking to do it, it became a habit. and that's what helped me focus more on doing stuff, like studying effectively and focusing during the exam.

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particularly novels, fantasy and science fiction books helps building a beautiful large imagination, gives the ability of accepting new things easily and developing a flexible mind that solve problems in a creative way.

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3.Strong Mind

obviously what we feed our minds shapes who we are, books thought me how to be strong by building a strong system of thought in my mind, which reflected on my personality like gaining confidence and being more productive.

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Strong Mind, Strong Life