Since the moment we're born we're set up to fail. We're thrown in this world to face challenges and somehow learn from them. We're told to do certain things and the "correct way" of doing it. We're taught to look both ways before crossing a street and to not talk to strange men. The one thing they don't teach you is how to prevent a heartache. How to not let people in, instead they tell you to look for someone and say you'll get your "happily ever after." I call bullshit on that cause up to this point no one has showed me those things really happen. They move you with sweet words and sweet kisses. They make you fall in love with them, you can tell them everyday how much they mean to you and still fuck you over. You do one thing they don't like and they want to leave and go on to the next. They fill your heart for the next moment to just crush you. Leaving you heartbroken and in the dark.