I am one of the people out there that they are in love with travel.
and I want to become a traveler and visit the whole world but there is a special places that I want to visit :


girl, friends, and outfit image venice, italy, and travel image italy, Pisa, and photography image boat, italy, and sea image

-Greece, Santorini

Greece, travel, and santorini image beautiful, Greece, and purple image Greece, travel, and sea image beautiful, Greece, and Island image


london, Big Ben, and city image london, girl, and travel image london, photography, and urban image girl, hair, and london image


nature image mountains, nature, and lake image girl, summer, and nature image city, sunset, and photography image

-new york

travel, city, and airplane image city, sunset, and sky image Inspiring Image on We Heart It girl, city, and view image


girl, Maldives, and vacation image girl, summer, and sea image beach, sunset, and pink image beach, inspo, and Maldives image


nature, mountains, and stairs image beach, flowers, and girl image couple, summer, and bike image summer, sea, and beach image

-hong kong

couple, city, and dress image Vietnam, boat, and travel image city, nature, and travel image fashion, photographie, and inspiration image


architecture, asia, and city image city, cityscape, and japan image beutiful, ciudad, and goals image abs, bella, and cool image


france, louvre, and paris image beautiful, city, and paris image paris, eiffel tower, and france image paris, travel, and france image

so I guess I like to travel to a lot of places.
anyway, hope you enjoyed.