you made my heart break and my body ache. never felt pain like this before. I spent the entire night thinking of ways to get you to take me back. there was no point of me going out to face reality when all I did was hope God would let us run into each other. every night I let myself cry. cry because the sadness has buried itself into the hole left by the joy you put in me. just like the sun leaves the earth in cold and darkness that's all I felt when you walked away. it's not so much what we had but what we could've done. I envy the ones you look at hoping for something new and different while I stay looking for the same you. my mom once told me I could be anything I set my mind to but all my mind was set on was being yours. even if letting you use me for the night was all I had I was willing to take it. I remain loyal to you even though you won't ever come back even when my heart continues to say "but what if?" I spend my days dreaming of what you may be thinking of and if any of those thoughts consist of me. you took so much of me when you left I forgot who I was before you came. you look at me like a stranger but I look at you with longing eyes searching for the guy who once called me his everything.